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If you are looking for a fully independent and custom travel package, you have come to the right agency. Please keep in mind that with a fully independent & custom package, there are no large groups of strangers to travel with the entire time, no cramped motor coaches that take you from city to city or country to country and no "its Tuesday, it must be Belgium" set itinerary. Our packages & itineraries are completely custom tailored, independent, and designed around you so that you travel on your own at your leisure.


Travel Packages

Prices for our packages are based on many components. Things like the length of your trip, number of travelers, number of cities and countries you want to visit, types of hotels you prefer, and a plethora of other items factor into your overall package cost. We do not aim to offer you the cheapest package option out there, but we are competitive and include a ton of value for the services we offer.

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Tried and Tested Tours & Excursions

We have curated a selection of tours & excursions in most of our overnight destinations, carefully selecting local partners to provide these services. There are activities for everyone ranging from rafting to wine tasting.

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We take care of all modes of transport including airport pick-ups, rental cars and private taxi transfers as well as bus, train and ferry tickets so you can relax and enjoy your vacation, knowing all the little details have been taken care of.

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Tour Manager

Your expert JayWay Tour Manager, based in Europe, will be in touch with you a month before you travel to provide guidance by email or phone, get your time preferences for some services and to make arrangements for any additional activities you wish to add to your itinerary.

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Flight Advice & Assistance

We can assist in finding you the cheapest fares to each destination or if you'd prefer to book the flights yourself (many of our guests take advantage of their frequent flyer miles for their trips to Europe) we can advise you on routing as well as which airports to arrive at and leave from so you're not wasting a day doubling back during your tour.

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